Freel Studios - Tucson, Arizona


Mirle Freel
2022 - Princeton University Art Museum acquisition of Mirle's recorded reels and tapes, 1971 of conversations between Mirle and Minor White resulting in his published MFA Thesis "Minor White and Light".

2020-2021 - Legacy Permanent Collection Exhibition representing 12 (b/w color and Cibachrome) photographic prints 1970's to 2020 on exhibit from July 2020 - August 2021 at The Tucson Museum of Art Riskind, Morgan, Salomon Gallery

2020 - Acquisition of painting in Permanent Collection Healing Art Program Tucson Medical Center.

2018-19 - Tucson Museum of Art acquisItion  of Mirle's  photographic B/W and colorworks including Cibachrome Collection in TMA'S Permanent Collection. 

2019 - Tucson Invitational "Art in Bloom" painting at Tucson Cactus and Koi. April Charity show for Banner Children's Art Therapy.

2019 - "Visions" a photographic exhibit at Contreras Gallery, Tucson in October.

2019 - Fund raiser "Fashion Fete" Tucson Museum of Art and "CRUSH".  Donation of  paintings.

2017 - Etherton/Temple Gallery, photograph and painting by Mirle Freel, Dinnerware Contemporary Art Gallery - Artists 1990 - 2003, March 4 - May 4, Reception: March 4, 5-7pm, Tucson, AZ.

2016 - The Drawing Studio, Art Un/dressed, a celebration of the human form, paintings by Mirle Freel, April 16 - May 11, reception: Sat. April 16, 6-9pm, Tucson, AZ.

2014-2015 - Tucson Museum of Art, Shadow Play: Selections from the Contemporary Art Collections Exhibit, B/W Photographs by Mirle Freel, October 18, 2014 - June 15, 2015.


Judy O'Toole-Freel
2019 - Acquisition of two paintings in Permanent Collection of Tucson Medical Center Healing Art Program.

2019 - "Small Works" pen and ink drawings at Tucson Contreras Gallery, June.

2019 - Invitational  exhibit of paintings at "Art in Bloom" show at Tucson Cactus and Koi. Charity show for Banner Hospital Children's  Art.

2016 - Tucson, The Drawing Studio, "Art Un/dressed, Celebration of the human form exhibition, April 16 - May 11.





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