by Judy O'Toole-Freel

                                                    Mirle Freel Jr. Illustrator


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Dark-and light-coated horses
quiver like precision-fashioned arrows.
Poised! Powerful! Pictorial!
Nibble hands play their tension
cutting through the sweet morning breath.
Sweat ripples in waves of crusting white froth melting like ice cream on hot chocolate caballos.
Cotton billows from nostrils ablaze with wet scent glazing the ground with a film of frosted dew.
Dancing hooves choreograph the tempo of the hunt punctuated by the fresh babble of hounds.
A call to the hunt

— Judy O'Toole Freel
From "A Call to the Hunt"

Looking for the Sunrise
Poems by Judy O'Toole-Freel

79 pages, 6" x 9", paperback


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Judy O'Toole-Freel has a unique way of looking at life. You might say that she grabs life "by the tail/tale". She doesn't dwell on the darkness that each and everyone of us experience at some time, but pulls our spirits into the bright and positive.

The poems in her book, "Looking for the Sunrise" are "refreshing". Judy's excellent command of the English language gives one a true appreciation of what poetry can do. Her poems weave visual images that are luscious to behold in our minds eye. She is an uplifting scholar and offers her readers a collection of works that are truly a pleasure to read. Thank you Judy for such a wonderful body of work!

—Mary Jane Overall, Editor for NBC in Tucson


Author and artist Judy O'Toole-Freel paints with words, and what glorious mindscapes she creates,indeed. From the crystalline frost-covered morning and the multi-hued participants depicted in "A Call to the Hunt," to the rebirth of spring heralded in "Cancion del Sol," O'Toole-Freel peers outside and within, and speaks with a poignant voice about beauty, aging, the excitement of being, and opening oneself up to experiencing all that the world has to offer.

It is worth the trip to travel with her, "Looking for the Sunrise."

                    —Bella Romain, Artist and Editor


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