by Mirle Freel, Jr.

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"As a painter I work in the subconscious and non-objective (non-representational."

"As a photographer I work in the subconscious and direct experience (realistic)."

"As a graphic artist I work in the subconscious mode."


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Shambhala — Path of the Warrior Series

"The longer I live, the less I find a difference between the dream and the conscious mind.
It is all a fantasy, a mix of reality and non-reality."

"Of Subconscious Derivation, Imaginations and Fantasy" themes represent many of my paintings, drawings and photographs.

Riding The Windhorse






Digital Paintings — Jazz Talk Series

"I now have found the perfect place – a place I can renew my old acquaintance with the guitar and continue to make music through paintings.
This series of paintings is called Jazz Jamboree: A Musical Message Celebration."

Jazz Talk #13

Jazz Talk #4

Jazz Talk #14

Jazz Talk #8

Jazz Talk #5

Jazz Talk #3

Acrylic Paintings — Jazz Scales Series


Jazz Scales #1

Jazz Scales #2

Jazz Scales #3

Jazz Scales #4

Jazz Scales #5

Key of Red - Non-representational acrylic paintings


Blues in Red

Rhythm and Blues

Jazzbeau Delight

Music symbols

Musical Notes


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