Equine Dressed in Design Series
represents a lifelong commitment
immersed with a passionate love for horses
inspired and mentored by my father
Leo Hugh O'Toole
and benevolently tolerated by my mother
Gladys Jones- O'Toole.

The reality of the horse envisioned through my perception on canvas comes to life with the basic Elements of Design. I break the horse down—not in spirit—but through my vision of these noble animals expressed in bold colors, strong-willed circular and triangular shapes, curvaceous and sensuous lines and space for the imagination to roam freely. To feel the energy ignite from within the soul of the horse is to paint this bodacious, fanciful and enterprising spirit from my interpretation of our conjoined time together as two loving units dancing as one.

Poetry is combined with paintings to verbally express visual messages. In contrast, the poetry I write generally speaks to the more serious side of my expression. The blending between poetry and painting sets the stage for my whimsical paintings and my poetic cerebral sides to join on common ground to pursue an understanding of and interpretation of my search for "truth". Both painting and poetry in their conjugal relationship, provide the setting for me to ponder, rethink, challenge, evaluate and hopefully smile upon the path I have walked in my quest to begin to comprehend personal truths. Visuals are a relief.

Ima and Judy