Mirle Freel Jr.


Artist Statement:
Of Subconscious Derivation, Imagination, and Fantasy Art

As I continue to work in the area of the subconscious, I separate less and less the real from the unreal, the conscious from the unconscious. The longer I live, the less I find a difference between the dream and the conscious mind. It is all a fantasy, a mix of reality and non-reality. The meaning of the conscious and the unconscious is best appreciated when experienced visually for me. Whether I understand something or nothing in terms of so-called reality is less important. I find it difficult to discuss the specific meaning of my subconscious work.

The purpose of art for me has never been to explain, but to express. I am happy to leave the interpretation of my work to the integrity of the viewer. I do my best to appreciate different experiences. It is with a sense of adventure that I introduce my vision, my way of seeing through the subconscious, a spiritual experience for me. It is through this outlet that I confront pain and joy, death and rebirth. But to distinguish reality from illusion I cannot. I cannot stop long enough on my journey to make sense of my transmogrification. I am swept up-beyond my control in the whirlwind non-sense of all that goes on around me and without me. Perhaps life is a dream that I may awake from someday.


Artist Statement:
Non-Objective Art

As a young man I studied jazz guitar with resolve until my commitment was interrupted by my need to embrace the visual arts. From my studio I began painting non-objective images flush with bold colors that garnished the canvas with improvised emotional energy. Line with continuity of movement swirled with curvaceous and angular passion portraying musical messages. The paintings began to voice musical abstractions as if each image was an improvised piece of music. I now have found the perfect place - a place I can renew my old acquaintance with the guitar and continue to make music through paintings. This series of paintings is called "Jazz Jamboree: A Musical Message Celebration."






Fleet and Mirle